About Me

The Short Version

My name is Stephen (pronounced "Steven") Scott. I am a bit of a Generalist when it comes to media. I graduated from DigiPen Insitute of Technology in 2010, with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Production Animation. Since then I have held a unique set of titles spanning my time in the gaming industry, from Art Director to Associate Producer, from Network Programmer to Level Designer. I've also consistantly done video editing, originally as a hobby until I began working in the game industry where I have been tasked with working on Kickstarter videos, Game Trailers and Product preview videos.

The Whole Professional History

I actually started with more of a technical background to my work history beginning with a part-time job as my highschool's dedicated Xerox Technician. I also worked as a the Lead Database Adminstrator for a small document recording company, developing a local database infustructure for them using Microsoft Access. During my summers of 2003-04, I worked at CBS Broadcasting as an intern. I configured and ghosted laptops for use in the field, gophered as an equipment guy for the production trucks at the US Open (of Tennis) and edited NFL Headshots in Photoshop.

During my time in college I worked on several game teams and film projects, taking the art lead position, with my work on Oniero (a dream based adventure platformer) being the stand out. During my summers I worked for InternalDrive where I taught teens courses in 3D Game Design (using Unreal Engine 3/UDK), 2D Video Game Creation and 3D Modeling (using 3D Studio Max). On the non-game side of things I took a freelance position as an NBA/NFL columnist for FanBoom, specifically covering the free agent periods for both leagues. I also found time to start my own Video Game Startup, Algitt Studios LLC and took a freelance artist position on the Xbox Live Indie Game title, War of Words.

I began working part-time at Exato Game Studios during my senior year as a "2D Cinematics and Character Designer + Odd-job 3D work" artist. Upon graduation I began working full time at Exato Game Studios and eventually moved up to Lead Artist and then Art Director, while also completing a Certificate program at DigiPen in Introduction to 3D Game Programming with XNA (a C# based Game Framework targeting Xbox 360). I took on several more roles at Exato including Network and UI Programmer on the Xbox Live Arcade / Steam game, Guncraft.

I moved on to become an Associate Producer at Cricket Moon Media, working on mobile and web titles for clients like Disney, Random House, National Geographic and Nickelodeon. I also took on a Technical Artist and Art Producer role for Minnie Fashion Tour (iOS/Android).

I took a more art focused role as the Video Editor for Microsoft Game Studio's Project Spark. There I worked on the E3 2014 trailer, as well as the Launch and DLC content videos.

I have since continued to work on my own Indie game titles for Algitt Studios and am always available for contract and freelance work.

DigiPen Student Success Story Interview (at the bottom)