Game Projects

On These projects I was the solo programmer and designer:

Magical Farmer Stacey-chan
+ Unity3D / C#
+ Released: December, 2014
+ Platform: Android

Magical Farmer is a Match 3 game with a "Magical Girl"
theme. Wolves hide in traps to eat your livestock and
you gain magical abilities as you create combos.


Super Heist Escape
+ Unity3D / C#
+ Released: April, 2014
+ Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games

Super Heist Escape is an Action Endless runner for Android.
The Player controls a theif that is trying to outrun
a Super Heroine by car, while dodging traffic,
the cops, and Super Blasts.


Endless Princess
+ C# / XNA
+ EasyStorage
+ Released: Oct, 2011
+ Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games

Endless Princess is an Action Endless runner for XBLIG.
Enemies and obstacles are color coordinated with the
buttons on the control, giving you a hint on how to
overcome them on your way to a highscore.


ManaGen Reboot
+ C# / XNA / MonoGame
+ Released: Feb, 2013
+ Platform: PC
+ Future Platforms: XBLIG, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS

ManaGen Reboot is a single player Action Puzzle Game.
The gameplay mechanics are a little like a reverse take on
Breakout. You defend your core in the middle allowing only
the resources you need in. Your goal is to collect resources,
in the form of Nibs, to terraform planets. The machine you
use is on the fritz, so you have to use non fully functioning
powerups to help you on your task. The game was designed from
the ground up as something with simple controls that would
translate to Mobile touch controls nicely. It blends 2D and
3D art to bring on a wimsical appearance. MonoGame is being
used for the ports to Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.


These are projects that I was a programmer on:

+ C# / XNA
+ Lidgren Network Library
+ Role: Network, UI, (some) Gameplay
+ Released: Summer 2012
+ Platform: PC

Guncraft is First Person Shooter with building elements
and a visual style similar to Minecraft. It uses elements from
FPS like Halo and Call of Duty to create a world that is uniquely
destructable while focusing on gunplay. My role on Guncraft
as a programmer was primarily focused on network play and
UI implementation. For the network play, this was built upon
the Lidgren Network Library, taking alot of the heavy lifting
out of our hands. In terms of Gameplay, my programming was
mostly done in the prototyping stage when I was the only
programmer available to begin working on it. UI fit into
my role understandably as I was incharge of the artwork for
the UI as well.