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Game Creator Resume

Stephen Scott
Artist / Designer / Producer / Game Developer

Shipped Titles
+ Project Spark (Xbox One/PC) Creation
+ Super Heist Escape (Android) Runner
+ Minnie Fashion Tour (iOS) Dress Up
+ Bubble Guppies Valentine's Play (Web) Storybook
+ Sproutlet Stories (Web) Interactive Storybook
+ Daniel Tiger's Day and Night (iOS / Android)
+ Marine Missions (iOS) Casual
+ Magic Treehouse - High Time for Heroes (Web)
+ Magic Treehouse - Hurry up Houdini (Web)
+ Magic Treehouse - Reading Buddies (Web)
+ Cat in the Hat: Huff-Puff-A-Tron (Web) Casual
+ Lone Ranger: Train Top Sprint (Web) Runner
+ Doc McStuffins Sparkly Ball Sports (Web)
+ Sing It Laurie Musical Adventures (Web)
+ War of Words (XBLIG) Puzzle RPG
+ ManaGen (PC) Puzzle Platformer
+ Endless Princess (XBLIG) Action Runner
+ Guncraft (XBLA/PC) FPS
+ ManaGen Reboot (PC) Action Puzzle

Video Work
+ Guncraft Kickstarter / Hype / Trailers
+ Project Spark Trailers / Product Previews / Tutorials
+ Progenitor Prologue Trailers / Tutorials
+ Sakura-Con '17 Opening Ceremony Closing Video
+ Algitt Studios Titles Kickstarter / Trailers

Technical Skills
- Autodesk 3D Studio Max
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- C# / XNA / MonoGame
- Microsoft Visual Studio
- Microsoft Office Suite
- Unity 3D
- Unfuddle
- Autodesk Maya (minimal)

Game Experience

Microsoft (Minecraft)
May '18 - Present
Associate Game Designer (Contract)
+ Write game design documents and user stories.
+ Test builds and track bugs.
+ Create mini-game levels.
+ Run design brainstorming sessions.
+ Balance level diversity.

Algitt Studios LLC
Dec '08 - Present
Founder, Programmer, Artist and Designer
+ My personal startup.
+ Does contract artwork / programming for Studios.
+ Released ManaGen (PC).
+ Released Endless Princess (XBLIG).
+ Developing Hurried Heroes (Mobile/PC).
+ Released ManaGen Reboot (PC).
+ Released Super Heist Escape (Android).
+ Released Magical Farmer Stacey-chan (Android).

Microsoft (Project Spark)
May '14 - Oct '14
Video Editor (Contract)
+ Functioned as the whole Video Department
for Team Dakota.
+ Captured and edited Video for the E3 Trailer.
+ Created and captured video for Daily E3 presence.
+ Created 1-Minute tutorial videos.
+ Created promotional videos for DLC.
+ Developed launch content trailers.
+ Exported game clips for Sound team.

Cricket Moon Media, Inc
Mar '13 - Jan '14
Associate Producer
+ Create GDD, Scripts, and Testplans.
+ Maintain Project Documentation.
+ Organize team meetings.
+ Level Design.
+ Coordinate with Clients, Production team, and
Development team.
+ Track Bugs / Assign tasks.
+ Handoff Projects at milestones to Clients.
+ Technical Art, export for CMM pipeline.
+ Develop Shaders for Mobile apps.

Exato Games Studio LLC
Jan '10 - Aug '12
Art Director and Programmer / Level Designer
+ Produced majority of Art assets on Guncraft.
+ Network and UI programmer on Guncraft.
+ Designed several levels on Guncraft.
+ Lead Artist on Progenitor Prologue.
+ Lead Artist on Progenitor 1.0.
+ Modeling, Rigging, Technical Artist,
Animation, and 2D Asset Creation.
+ Website design and maintenance (2010).

Oct '09 - Dec '09
Contract Artist
+ Created all artwork for 2D Puzzle/RPG
Xbox Live Indie title War of Words.

Internal Drive | iD Tech Camps
Jun '06 - Aug '08 (Summers)
Lead Instructor
Taught Courses to Teens in:
+ 2D Video Game Creation
+ 3D Game Design
+ 3D Character Modeling in Max
+ Game Modding
+ Web Design and Flash Animation


DigiPen Institute of Technology
BFA in Production Animation
Graduated Spring, 2010
Game projects worked on:
+ Oneiro (3D Platformer, IGF Entry)
+ Brutal Beatdown (3D Beat'Em up)
Film projects worked on:
+ Zoo (2D Short)
+ Caged (2D/3D Short)
+ Wind (3D Short)

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Introduction to 3D Game Programming with XNA
Completed, 2010
Game project worked on:
+ Escape from Lockup (3D Racing Game)

Non-Game Experience

FanBoom Sports
NBA / NFL Columnist
+ Wrote Articles on Free Agency and
the Draft for the NBA and NFL.

American Document Recording, Inc.
2004 - 2005
Lead Database Administrator
+ Developed Database Infrastructure
+ Continued service and upkeep

CBS Broadcasting, Inc. (NY)
Summer 2003 - 2004
+ Configure and Ghost new laptops
+ Edited NFL Headshots in Photoshop
+ "Gopher" at the US Open (tennis),
running equipment to the Production trucks.